Ehsaas One Window Program Online Registration 2024

More than 130 different social welfare initiatives have been launched under the umbrella of the Ehsas Program but unfortunately, a big fraction of the Pakistani population is either illiterate or has limited resources to correct information. These factors make it quite difficult for deserving people to find a suitable ehsaas program that could alleviate their difficulties. 

Ehsaas One Window Program Online Registration 2023

To help people in this case, the ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan launched the Ehsaas One Window Program under which several ehsaas one window centers are opened throughout the country. These centers work as one-stop shops from where you can access the correct information about all ehsaas programs including their area of services, application procedures, eligibility criteria, and other benefits. 

Also, you can head to these centers to report any inconvenience or complaints about the behavior of concerned staff or the complicated registration process. In addition to one window center, the government also launched the Ehsaas digital portal which also works for the same cause; to provide exact information about all ehsaas initiatives and register your complaints. 

Major objectives behind this one-window initiative include;

  • Interlinking all ehsaas services through a single portal
  • Easy access to multi-sectoral programs
  • Development of a digital app by the end of March 2021
  • Avoid data duplication
  • Development of a cognitive API architecture
  • Alignment of the beneficiary population
  • Evidence-based targeting of beneficiaries 

To know more about the services and components of this Ehsaas One Window Program, keep reading the article.

Pillars of ehsaas one window centers

Since this one-window initiative was launched with the mission of providing all services, in an organized manner, under the same roof, this one-stop shop stands on six pillars which are as follows;

  • One window centers 
  • Digital e-portal
  • Standardized beneficiary targeting policy
  • One window ehsaas app
  • Integrated digital interface
  • Integrated database 

These pillars ensure accountability and transparency in selecting beneficiaries. By using a data-driven approach, the system identifies the most vulnerable and deserving households. Likewise, these pillars aim to provide easy access to digital solutions so people could utilize them to unlock more convenience. The digital solutions and services these portals promote include digital identity verification, digital financing, and digital payment transactions.

Similarly, the one-window digital portal will provide functional links to all the ehsaas programs and can be accessed by everyone, from every part of the world. To make navigation easier, all the information provided at the portal will be in Urdu. You can access this digital portal by clicking the link;

Besides digital portals, beneficiaries will also be able to get information about schemes in one window app. However, this app will also mark locations of payment sites, panagahs, and langars. The app’s limited version is available to download at the Google play store.

Speaking of the sixth pillar of the one-window approach, the digital database, then it will facilitate targeting beneficiaries in an effective, transparent, and evidence-based manner.

Services available at ehsaas one window centers

Apart from providing you with information about all the ehsaas programs, services that are provided at these one-window ehsaas centers are as follows;

  1. To facilitate the ehsaas kafalat program beneficiaries, ATMs and point of sales machines are being installed with the coordination of NADRA and partner banks. With these cash withdrawal machines, beneficiaries would be able to withdraw their stipends conveniently. Besides the kafalat program, stipends and specialized nutritional food for the ehsas nashonuma program can also be collected at the center. 
  2. The digital biometric systems which have recently been installed in centers can be used to do real-time verifications. 
  3. If a child doesn’t have a B-Form, which is mandatory to complete registration for a Nashonuma program, his mother could easily get the B-form made from the NADRA center located in the same one-window center.  
  4. Ehsaas Nashonuma program beneficiaries would also be able to attend awareness sessions on nutrition and health-related topics at these centers. 
  5. Students can apply for ehsaas undergraduate scholarship programs at these one-window centers, without paying any registration or processing fee. 
  6. To facilitate students, facilities of free computers, printers, and internet are also provided at one window center.
  7. Someone who doesn’t have any place to spend a night may book a one-star bed and free breakfast in Panagah, at one window center. 
  8. Children can either be admitted to orphanages or free schools with the help of concerned desk staff.
  9. Special desks are made to help people who are seeking information about sehat sahulat, ehsaas interest-free loan, ehsaas Amdan, or ehsaas tahafuz program.
  10. Every window center will contain one-woman-one-account training room where females would be encouraged and trained to open their virtual bank accounts 

Working hours

The motto of the one window program is to provide 24/7 access to services and information through helpline numbers, web portals, and mobile apps. These information channels are designed to work seven days a week and every hour of the day. However, the one-window centers may have different operating hours, based on the local circumstances and location. 

Most of these one-window centers work during regular business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), from Monday to Saturday but some centers are also open on public holidays and Sundays to help beneficiaries. To get to know about the exact business hours of an ehsaas One window center, you may contact the helpline number 0800-26477.