Ehsaas Amdan Program CNIC Check Online Registration 2024-25 25000

The Ehsaas Amdan Program 2024 has been officially launched by the government of Pakistan with which the poor people can set up a small business from scratch by getting financial assistance from the government. For this purpose, the government is providing interest-free loans which can be utilized to make for a sustainable livelihood.

ehsaas labour program

If you are more interested in agriculture than industrial firms, the government can also provide you with valuable assets like livestock, solar panels, agriculture inputs, etc. And if you don’t have any skills, the government is willing to provide vocational training with which you can learn how to make the best profit out of cash aid or assets granted under this Amdan Program. 

The objective behind this program is to make people financially stable, reduce poverty, empower women, and generate newer and better job & business opportunities. The program has already changed the lives of over 1.4 million people from 23 districts and this number is increasing day by day. 

Who is eligible for this program? How can you apply for a small loan or assets? What are the associated terms & conditions? And what other benefits this program will bring to beneficiaries and society, let’s find out!

Ehsaas Amdan Program Eligibility Criteria

All poor people whose NSER survey is complete and who stand under the belt of poverty are eligible for this ehsaas income program. According to the government of Pakistan, around 60% quota is fixed for women whereas 30% is fixed for men (preferably the youngsters). 

On the other hand, the remaining 10% quota is set for people with disabilities and children. Also, transgenders and minorities can apply for the Ehsaas Amdan program if they meet the following criteria;

  • Must be a Pakistani citizen
  • Have a valid national identity card
  • Demonstrate his ability to repay the loan 
  • Have a solid/feasible business plan 
  • Candidate must be 18-30 years old
  • Must have an education level equivalent to matriculation 
  • Must belong to a low-income family 
  • Applicant must not be a government employee or receives any sort of government aid 

If you meet all these requirements, it’s still better to confirm your eligibility online before going to the union council or registration office. To check eligibility for the Amdan program, you have to visit the official 8171 web portal. On the homepage, you’d find a window to check eligibility. Click the window and you’ll be navigated to a new web page, showing a box. Enter your CNIC number in it and within a few minutes, you’ll be notified about your eligibility status.

Application Process

After confirming your eligibility for the ehsaas income program, you need to either download a registration form online or visit the nearest registration center where the desk staff will provide you with the form. You may also ask the staff to fill out your registration form on your behalf. These registration centers are open 24/7 and there are no service charges you owe to pay. 

Besides providing your basic details like name, CNIC, father’s name, address, contact details, etc. you also have to provide the details of your business plan for which you need the loan (whether you want to invest it in agriculture, set up a shop, or start any other business). 

After completing the registration form, submit it and wait for the survey team to visit your home. During their visit, the team will verify the information you provided in the form by asking questions to you and your family members. After making sure that you are eligible for the loan, the team will brief you further about other details including where to receive the loan amount and when you’ll receive it.

On the other hand, if you want to fill out your application form online, here are some simple steps you need to follow;

  1. Visit the Ehsaas Amdan program website and click on the Apply Now button to access your application form
  2. Fill out your accurate information in the application form. This information will include your personal information, business idea, and financial status
  3. Attach the required documents to your form such as a copy of your national identity card, proof of income, etc. 
  4. Review the application and submit it. Wait for a couple of days for the authorities to review your application.
  5. You’ll receive an invitation to a training session or orientation session if your application is approved
  6. Complete the vocational training or orientation after which you’ll be provided with your loan or assets for business. 

Benefits of the Ehsaas Amdan program

Unlike BISP in which a monthly cash aid is provided to deprived families, this income program focuses on making people self-sufficient so they don’t have to depend on government grants. In this Amdan program, the government will provide small assets like goats, cows, buffalos, rikshaw, agriculture inputs, and small retail shops.

Even though the beneficiaries would have to bear maintenance expenses, they can also generate a significant amount by putting these assets into proper use. A good thing here is that the government will ensure the opening of veterinary care centers and hospitals in rural areas where livestock assets are distributed to help those beneficiaries further. In the meantime, more awareness programs and sessions will be conducted so people could learn how to fight against fatal livestock diseases.

And if a beneficiary would think that he can’t bear the day-to-day cost, he could sell the assets. In this way, if beneficiaries even underutilize the program, it will help them to arrange for instant cash in emergencies. Currently, this program is being implemented in 23 poorest districts which were selected for their level of poverty, food insecurity, and human development. 

The implementation of this program will begin on June 20, 2023, and the process will be completed in June 2023 after which an organization, PPAF, will track the beneficiaries and how they are using the grants.