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Benazir Taleemi Wazaif is a Conditional Cash Transfer Programme for education of children of BISP active Kafalat beneficiaries up to higher secondary level. Through additional cash incentives beneficiaries are motivated to get their children enrolled in schools/colleges and discourage dropout rate by ensuring retention.


The objective of Benazir Taleemi Wazaif are:

  • To create long term sustainable awareness on the importance of primary, secondary & higher secondary education among BISP beneficiary families;
  • To increase enrolment of children in schools for primary, secondary & higher secondary education;
  • To improve school attendance by the children; and
  • To decrease school dropout rates.


The main stakeholders involved in the execution of the programme are:

  1. BISP
  2. Provincial Education Departments
  3. Schools
  4. Donors


Benazir TaleemiWazaif Programme was initially piloted in five (5) districts in November 2012. Gradually, programme expanded from five (5) districts to thirty-two (32) in 2015, then to fifty (50) districts in 2018, in January 2020 programme expanded in hundred (100) districts. Finally, in July 2020 programme has been expanded in all districts of Pakistan.


 Following are key processes of Taleemi Wazaif Programme:

i.    Micro Supply Capacity Assessment (MSCA)

BISP collect the data on micro supply capacity assessment of all public schools from provincial education departments. The purpose of collecting MSCA data is to identify available capacity (available enrolment capacity, infrastructural conditions, accessibility, and catchment area) of both public and private schools before initiating registration and enrolment activities. Supply capacity assessment of private schools is being carried out on identification of mothers at the time of child enrolment.

ii. Social Mobilization:-

The purpose of social mobilization is to create awareness amongst BISP beneficiary families regarding importance of education. BISP field team visits different localities of respective districts for mobilizing beneficiaries to enroll their children in schools. Moreover, they also visit beneficiaries having non-complied children in their respective quarter to understand the reason for non-compliance and motivate them for achieving the required attendance. BISP field offices carry out mobilization activities at a massive scale during the period attendance compliance activity is not operationalized in the field due to school closure, completion of the assignment, and school vacation.

iii. Registration and Enrollment:-

Enrolment is one of the major activity of Taleemi Wazaif programme. After completion of the SCA, process of massive registration begins by covering all potential beneficiaries. The Taleemi Wazaif potential families are invited to registration centers/tehsil offices established close to their vicinities by conducting beneficiary communication at local level as well as via wide Public Information Campaign (PIC) (media campaign). Successful completion of registration process by Taleemi Wazaif potential family makes family and its eligible children beneficiaries of the programme.

The objective of the registration process is to identify the active BISP families with children (4-12 years) for primary education, children (8-18 years) for secondary education and children (13-22 years) for higher secondary education, and register them into the programme.

iv.   Admission and Attendance Compliance

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif cash transfers are conditional on the beneficiary families complying with the admission and attendance conditions attached to the program. The objective of the compliance is to observe children’s co-responsibility compliance for entitling their respective families to receive cash benefits. However, in the event of non-compliance, cash transfer is stopped. Following are the basic objectives of the admission and attendance compliance:

  • Identify beneficiary children who have complied with the defined co-responsibilities with respect to admission and attendance, and entitle them for cash transfers;
  • Identify Taleemi Wazaif beneficiary children who have not complied with the co-responsibilities, trigger alerts in such cases, and apply the consequences of non-compliance accordingly;
  • Suspend the beneficiary children from the program who have not complied with the attendance co-responsibility for three consecutive compliance quarters.

Case Management

Case Management process is very important activity of the programme. Beneficiaries will lodge different type of complaints through field offices and quick disposal of the complaints will not only improve the implementation efficiency of the programme but enhance the confidence of BISP beneficiaries to enroll their children in the schools. BISP field offices are mainly responsible for handling all the complaints.


 Eligibility criteria for enrollment of children in Benazir TaleemiWazaif program are as under:

 Children of active BISP Kafalat Beneficiary

  • Age criteria of child is 4-12 years for enrollment in Primary Education
  • Age criteria of child is 8-18 years for enrollment in Secondary Education
  • Age criteria of child is 13-22 years for enrollment in Higher Secondary Education


 In order to become a beneficiary child of the Programme, an eligible child has to be admitted in school/college of any district of the country. Beneficiary has to visit enrolment camp/field offices along with her child with following documents to enroll him/her in Benazir Taleemi Wazaif programme:

  • CNIC of the beneficiary;
  • B-form/CRC issued by NADRA;
  • School/College admission slip containing information of class, school/college name verified by the teacher.

B-form/CRC verification through NADRA database is mandatory for the enrollment of child in the programme.


 Benazir TaleemiWazaifProgramme has two co-responsibilities that the children have to comply with in order to receive cash transfers

  1. Admission in a school/College
  2. 70 percent quarterly attendance
  • i. Admission Co-responsibility:-

Each child (under the eligible age criteria) of existing active BISP family, is verified only once in the Programme during registration (when s/he enters the Programme).First quarter payment releases after enrolment of children in Benazir TaleemiWazaif.

  1. Attendance Co-responsibility

A beneficiary child must attend school/college for at least 70 percent of the school/college effective days within a quarter to get cash transfer from 2nd quarter and onwards.


Stipend rate of enrolled children in programme is given below:

DescriptionPer Boy/per quarter (Rs.)Per Girl /per quarter (Rs.)
Primary Level1,5002,000
Secondary Level2,5003,000
Higher Secondary Level3,5004,000


A one-time graduation bonus of Rs.3,000/- is part of Benazir Education Stipends program to encourage girls to complete primary education.


Since inception of the programme, 12.01 Million children have been enrolled. Education level wise breakup is given below:

Education LevelNo. of BoysNo. of GirlsTotal Children
Higher Secondary156851140810297661


Since the inception of the program to date, BISP has disbursed of Rs.63.34 Billion under Benazir TaleemiWazaif. Year wise breakup of disbursement is illustrated below:

Financial YearNo. of Children PaidAmount Disbursed (PKR)
Grand Total 63,341,663,400