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No need to visit the registration center! Read the article and know about the method for NSER registration check by CNIC via SMS service and web-based portal.

To verify that only the most deserving people are getting monthly stipends and subsidies on grocery items via the ehsaas program, the government of Pakistan organized a team with the coordination of NADRA that conducted a door-to-door NSER survey. The purpose of this national socio-economic registry survey (NSER) is to collect data about the financial conditions of all households registered in ehsaas programs.

When the data is entered and recorded in the government database, certain people evaluate and breach the data by checking whether applicants own a property, vehicle, jewelry, or any asset that is registered on their CNIC number of names. The candidates who remain clear and provide the correct information about their belongings are automatically registered for the ehsaas program subsidy and funding.

So whenever a person applies for the ehsaas program, he first has to undergo this NSER survey after which he gets the final confirmation message and funding. Remember that the NSER survey is mandatory and free for every citizen and you don’t need to pay any fee to the survey team or any other personnel. And since it’s a one-time process, you don’t need to undergo the survey every year, unless the government asks to update the data with new information. If you’ve undergone the survey a couple of days ago and now want to check your registration status, here’s what you need to do!

NSER registration check by CNIC

You can check your NSER registration status only with your CNIC by using one of the three following methods;

NSER registration check by CNIC via SMS service

This is most probably the easiest method and suits perfectly to people who live in rural areas and don’t have access to the Internet. To check your NSER registration status, you just need to send your 13-digit CNIC number to the 8171 code via SMS. In a day or two, you’ll receive a reply stating whether you are eligible or registered in the program or not.

NSER registration check by CNIC via web portal

If the internet is available, you can also check your NSR registration status online since the government has launched a special web-based portal for this cause. You simply need to visit the www.ehsaas program.8171 portal and enter your mobile number and CNIC in the corresponding sections.

Below, you might also be asked to fill out a captcha by entering the provided code and then pressing the submit button. If you would have undergone the survey, completed it correctly, and met the poverty score requirements, you are shown to be eligible. On the other hand, if you would have not undergone the survey or your survey was not completed, you’ll be declared ineligible. The results you might see in this case will be either

Aapka data NADRA ki database mein maujood nahin OR Aapka survey mukammal nahin

NSER Registration check by CNIC via the support center

The government has created support centers or registration centers in 154 districts. By visiting these support centers, you can check for your registration status as well as register yourself in the NSER survey, if, for any reason, the survey team has not or could not reach your location. 

For this purpose, you need to visit the official website and search for your district. In the search results, you’ll be shown the exact location of support centers located in your district. Pick the nearest registration center to visit and don’t forget to take your CNIC along. To get registered, you need to provide your CNIC and some basic information about yourself to the desk staff. The staff, in turn, will enter your information into the system and inform you right away about whether you are eligible or not. 

After getting registered successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number and you’ll begin to receive money from the very next month. However, if you haven’t received any confirmation message yet, you should send your CNIC number on the 8171 sms code to check your NSER registration status.

How to apply for the NSER survey?

It’s true that the concerned teams conduct door-to-door surveys in several districts of Pakistan but still, there’s a possibility that those teams might have not reached your location or city yet. Thus, to get registered by the NSER survey so you can start receiving your money, you first need to apply. 

Luckily, the internet has made the whole process of applying for the NSER survey incredibly easy and quick. You just need to visit the official website and enter your email address. On doing so, a form will open up on your screen in which you’d need to fill out some information like your age, gender, zip code, etc. Upon entering this information, your application will be completed and you’d be asked to create a password so you could access your application in the future. 

Meanwhile, details you’d need to fill out the registration form for the NSER survey including your full name, family member details, address, mobile number, and monthly income.

NSER survey plan 2024

The aim of the NSER 2024 survey is to update the previously recorded information and cover around 100% of Pakistani households so they could be found in the government database. According to the 2024 plan, the NSER survey will only be conducted in 16 districts of Pakistan and to ensure transparency and efficiency, a two-pronged strategy will be employed for the purpose. 

Government is also interested in introducing the concept of self-enrollment and for this purpose, it is decided to test the desk approach in four of those sixteen districts. Also, the last date to apply for NSER survey registration has not been announced yet.