Kisan Card Scheme Online Apply

Around 18.9% of Pakistan’s GDP and 60-70% population depends upon agriculture. That’s why this agriculture sector is considered the backbone of the economy. Despite this fact, Pakistani farmers are forced to live from hand to mouth due to day by day increasing inflation rate. To provide some relief to them, the government of Pakistan has launched the Kisan Card Scheme with which farmers will be able to purchase pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds from the designated retailers at subsidized rates. 

Kisan Card Scheme Online Apply

In addition to this, registered farmers would also be able to apply for loans and crop insurance. With this scheme, the government has become able to reach small-scale farmers and give them direct subsidies which, otherwise, seems nearly impossible. The government further aims to benefit around five million farmers, including those who hold small agricultural lands of up to 12 acres. To know more about this Kisan initiative, keep reading! 

Kisan Card Scheme Eligibility Criteria

All farmers are eligible to apply for farmer cards who are

  • Either owner or contractor of farming lands
  • Possess valid national identity cards
  • Have an HBL bank account 
  • Have a sim card registered in their name 

However, to confirm your eligibility status, you need to send a text message, containing your CNIC number to 8070

Kisan Card Application Process

Getting yourself registered for a Kisan card takes a few minutes since the registration process is quite straightforward. There are three ways to apply for the farmer card as follows

1. By Calling The Kisan Call Center

Farmers can dial up the Kisan call center through a toll-free number 0800-17000. After providing personal details and information about the farming land, the farmer would be asked for a preferred mode of receiving advice or notifications; voice messages or text messages. After this, farmers have to choose the preferred language; Urdu, English, or regional Roman language. Once the registration is complete, farmers will get a welcome message on the given mobile number. 

2. Web Registration

Farmers who have access to a stable internet connection and supporting devices may register themselves through the official web portal. PITB Kisan portal can also be used for this purpose. During the web registration process, you must enter your personal details in fields like mobile number, province, district, block, full name, etc. 

3. Registration Via SMS Service

The easiest way to apply for a farmer card is via SMS service in which you need to send an sms to 8070 stating your name, state, district, and block. The format of the text message will be such as “KISAAN REG < NAME >, <STATE NAME >, <DISTRICT NAME>, and <BLOCK NAME>

Keep in mind that commas are mandatory and you’ll be charged a few rupees to send this message. 

Another easy way to get yourself registered for a farmer card is by visiting an agriculture center where you’d need to provide your personal and land-related details and undergo a biometric verification. A good thing here is that no registration fee is charged from farmers by desk staff. 

Whatever method you choose, you need to have some documents and information on hand to complete the registration process. These documents and details include your valid national identity card, passport-size photographs, complete name, contact details, complete address, tehsil, and district. After a couple of days, you’ll receive an SMS notifying you about your registration status.

It usually takes 15-20 days to process your registration application but if any farmer doesn’t receive a confirmation message even after that, he should either contact the assistant director or tehsildar office. 

If you have registered to the Kisan scheme successfully, you need to open a bank account in the HBL Konnect branch to receive your subsidy funds. The farmer will also need to deposit PKR 500 in his account after which he’ll be notified about his Kisan card delivery via SMS. To collect the card, farmers have to visit the agriculture department office and contact the deputy director or assistant director.

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Other benefits of the Kisan card

  • On holding a farmer card, the beneficiary would be able to receive a subsidy of PKR 1000 on one bag of DAP
  • A subsidy of PKR 1200 can be obtained for purchasing pesticide spray for one-acre land
  • A subsidy of PKR 1000 can be obtained for purchasing one bag of cotton seed
  • Farmers would also be able to enjoy marketing and storage facilities so they can store and use their crops for longer times 
  • Farmers can get small loans from Zarai Taraqiati Bank with flexible repayment plans which in turn will enable them to increase productivity 
  • Farmer cards will enable farmers to access loans and credits from other banks with a low-interest rate 
  • Apart from getting insurance coverage for farms and crops, farmers will also be able to get their livestock and agriculture-related assets insured
  • The card will make transactions easier and more accessible since this farmer’s card could be used to purchase stuff, pay bills, and withdraw cash. 

Associated banks

Some of the major banks which are associated with the government of Pakistan in this Kisan card program are as follows; 

  • Habib Bank Limited
  • United Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited
  • MCB Bank Limited
  • Sindh Bank Limited
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • The Bank of Khyber
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Bank Islami Pakistan Limited 

So, as a farmer, you may visit these banks to get your farmer card and access corresponding benefits and features like subsidies, insurance, and coverage plans.