Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Online Registration 2024

Even in the 21st century, more than 38% of Pakistani children are suffering from malnutrition. Thus, to tackle the issue of stunted growth by improving the nutritional health of these poor children, PM Imran Khan launched the ehsaas nashonuma program. What is this program, what are the eligibility criteria, and how can one apply for this program? Let’s have a quick look! 

What is ehsaas nashonuma program?

Ehsaas Nashonuma program mainly focuses on improving the health and nutrition of improvised children who are in the most critical phase of their development. The program is open to pregnant ladies and women who have children two years old or below. 

The government will provide quarterly cash transfers to the eligible beneficiaries from the conception period to age two so they can have access to better food despite their low income and limited resources. For a boy of or under two years old, the government will grant PKR 1500 whereas for a girl, the grant will be PKR 2000

The amount will be distributed over the course of three months. After every three months, the eligibility criteria of beneficiaries will be rechecked and a new lease of payments will be granted only if the beneficiaries would have spent the previous amount on purchasing & consuming nutritious food and immunization. 

Also, beneficiaries (pregnant women) are bound to attend health education classes since their attendance in the class will determine whether they’ll get another quarterly cash aid or not. These classes will be conducted at the ehsaas nashonuma center where the government has installed special ATMs as well. Eligible women can undergo biometric verification and withdraw funds through these ATMs. 

Recently, an Android-based app has been launched which will facilitate electronic registration and easy tracking of deserving children and women. The major objectives behind this ehsaas nashonuma program are as follows; 

  1. To help women gain weight during the pregnancy
  2. They prevent malnutrition in children under two years of age
  3. To suppress the odds of anemia by consuming essential micronutrients
  4. To spread awareness about the key elements of pregnancy among women
  5. To keep the child’s weight within a safe range before and after the delivery
  6. To prevent catching any chronic disease during pregnancy

What are the eligibility criteria for the ehsaas nashonuma program?

People who are eligible for the Nashonuma program are;

  1. Lactating mothers
  2. Pregnant women 
  3. Children under two years of age

To facilitate the eligible beneficiaries in mobilizing, the government of Pakistan has tasked female health workers in the concerned areas. These health workers will spread awareness about diet & breastfeeding, personal hygiene, and prenatal & postnatal care. Also, they’ll make sure that the women and children are undergoing proper vaccination.

How to apply for the ehsaas nashonuma program?

You can apply for the Nashonuma program in one of the three ways as following;

  1. Visit the ehsaas nashonuma center located in your district and register with the help of desk staff. Don’t forget to bring your original CNIC along
  2. Download the corresponding app, complete your application form, and register yourself
  3. Visit the ehsaas web portal and apply for the nashonuma program 2024 

In addition to your valid CNIC, you’d also need to have a B-Form of your child to get registered in this program. So, before heading to the registration center, it’s better to visit NADRA and get your child’s B-Form first.

Besides, if you are facing any unusual problems registering yourself, call 0800-26477. In the first phase of the Nashonuma program, the registration centers are being opened in nine districts including Bagh, Hunza, Upper Dir, Gizer, Harmang, Badin, Rajanpur, and Karan. 

The main reason why these areas are selected for the first phase registration is because they have the highest number of malnutrition cases. So if you live in one of these areas, visit the nearest registration center and register yourself right now! 

Latest updates on the ehsaas nashonuma program

After the incident of regime change, the name of ehsaas nashonuma program has changed to Benazir nashonuma program by the new government. The new government of PM Shehbaz Sharif has also made a few changes in the program (or we should say the positive changes).

For example, now the beneficiaries will be able to get PKR 2000 for baby boys whereas PKR 2500 for baby girls. Likewise, after the success of the phase-1 ehsaas Nashonuma program, the new government has decided to open more registration centers across the entire country. The staff at these development/registration centers will not only register you but also check your health regularly and advise you for better nutritional health.

These health workers will give you instructions about your diet so both you and your child could make it safely.