Ehsaas Labour Program Online Registration 2024

Due to COVID-19, hundreds of people lost their jobs all across Pakistan but the segment of the community which was affected the most are daily wagers. Even now, when the pandemic has gone, the labor sector is living hand to mouth due to skyrocketing inflation rate and economic crisis. Thus, to ease the difficulties of these low-income daily wagers, the government of Pakistan launched the Ehsaas labor program

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It’s a socio-protection plan which aims to provide a one-time cash aid of around PKR 12000 to the most deprived households. People who will be eligible to get this cash grant include loaders, painters, carpenters, piece rate workers, cleaning staff, mechanics, welders, and drivers. What are other requirements a person must fulfill to meet eligibility criteria and what’s the application process for this Ehsaas Mazdoor Program, let’s find out!

Ehsaas Labor Program Eligibility Criteria

All those people who are currently unemployed or whose jobs are affected due to COVID-19 will be eligible to apply for this program. Apart from workers mentioned above, private drivers, self-employed, and pandemic victims will also be able to receive 12000 rupees through this labor program. Other requirements which must be met to be eligible for the ehsaas Mazdoor program include;

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Pakistan
  • Must consume 0-200 units of electricity maximumly
  • Must have a valid national identity card
  • Not own any four wheeler
  • Not possess any irrigation system or agricultural land 

On the other hand, people who are not eligible to apply for this program include;

  • Government employees
  • Individuals who have regular sources of income
  • Individuals who are active beneficiaries of other government grants 
  • Individuals who have a certain annual income
  • Non-citizens
  • Individuals who mentioned false or misleading information in the application form
  • Individuals who possess a stained criminal record or history of abuse or fraud

To confirm your eligibility for the ehsaas Mazdoor program, you need to follow some simple steps as follows;

  • Visit the official website and click on the link provided for the ehsaas Mazdoor/labor program
  • Press the check eligibility button
  • Enter your valid CNIC number and click on the submit button to review your eligibility status.

Application process

Applying for the cash grant under the ehsaas labor program is quite simple as all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Visit the official website and select the ehsaas labor window
  • Enter your 13-digit CNIC number in the first box
  • Enter your active mobile number in the second box and select your current mobile network
  • Copy the captcha code and paste it into the last box
  • In the end press the tasdeeq Karen button

Within a few days, you’ll receive a message on your mobile number in which you’d be informed to proceed further and provide your details by filling out the application form. After receiving the confirmation message, follow the given steps to complete the application process

  • Visit the official website and load the application form 
  • Enter your valid national identity card number
  • Write your full name according to your national CNIC
  • Mention your daily or monthly salary income
  • Mention your profession/source of income
  • Mention the date on which you lost your job
  • Mention whether you work for others or are self-employed
  • Mention your name and contact details of the company 
  • Lastly, mention your tehsil and district 
  • After completing the application form, attach the supporting documents to verify your income, residency, and identity. Click the submit button 

Authorities may ask you to provide additional documentation or information. Whatever the case is, you’ll receive a reply from authorities stating your application approval or rejection in a few days. 

Currently, there’s no sms code to check eligibility or to get registered in the ehsaas Mazdoor program so you must fill out the application form by visiting the official portal. However, you can also visit the nearest registration center to apply for the program.

Payment collection

On getting registered under the ehsaas Mazdoor program successfully, you’ll receive a message stating the time and location to collect your grant. You need to visit that place, queue up, undergo a biometric verification, and withdraw your payment. 

Two commercial banks have also contributed to making the process easier and for this purpose, they are facilitating the concept of branchless banking retailers. Small, handheld biometric verification devices are being installed in small retail shops so people won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to receive their payments. 

Also, this branchless banking system is a ray of hope for people living in areas where bank branches are not located anywhere near.

Latest updates

The first phase of the Ehsaas Labor Program ended in May 2020 after which, the government announced the introduction of the second phase in the year 2022. The objective of this second phase is to provide emergency cash to needy people who are still jobless and hardly arrange for daily bread and butter. 

Another thing that is important to mention here is that this second phase is launched to financially facilitate those who couldn’t get the 12000 rupees grant in the first phase. Recently, the amount of cash aid has increased so now all the beneficiaries of the labor program will be able to receive PKR 13000. 

The Prime Minister has also encouraged people to donate to his Corona relief fund. He further added that for each rupee donated, the government will distribute four rupees to deserving families. 

Recently, the government has recognized a major issue due to which a huge fraction of labor is unable to apply for the ehsaas Mazdoor program; illiteracy rate. Around 50% of daily wagers don’t know how to use the internet, fill out the application, or check eligibility via SMS service. Thus, to tackle this issue, the government has decided to call the corona tiger force, join the staff already sitting in camps, and help as many people as possible.