Ehsaas 786 Program Online Check Registration

Just as food and shelter, petrol is also one of the basic needs of life since without it, our automobiles will be useless. Unfortunately, the price of petrol and petroleum products has increased to terrible heights in the past few months which has made the life of common people even more difficult. 


To alleviate the burden a bit, the government of Pakistan has launched Ehsaas 786 program, also known as the Sasta Petrol Sasta Diesel scheme. On getting registered under this program, beneficiaries would be able to receive PKR 2000 monthly in their bank accounts which could be used to purchase petrol for daily use. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the day-by-day increasing rates and could better focus on other aspects of life. 

What is Ehsaas 786 program online check method? Who is eligible for this Sasta Petrol scheme? And how can you apply for this ehsaas 786 program 2024? Keep reading the article to know the answers! 

Ehsaas 786 Program Eligibility Criteria

Every person, man, and woman could get this monthly subsidy of 2000 rupees if he;

  • Is an active beneficiary of the BISP or ehsaas kafalat program
  • Belongs to a household whose monthly income is up to or less than PKR 40,000
  • Has a valid CNIC and mobile number
  • Has a registered small vehicle like a motorcycle or rickshaw 
  • You don’t use more than 21 liters of petrol in a month 
  • Must not own a vehicle with more than 1000cc capacity
  • Must not own more than one 125cc motorcycle 

Preference is given to married women and widows however if there’s no such a woman in the family, then a man will be eligible. Also, only one person in the family would be able to get this subsidy. 

Registration process

All the active BISP or ehsaas beneficiaries will be automatically registered to this 786 program which means they don’t need to undergo a registration process all over again. However, if you are new to participating in the ehsaas program, you first need to confirm your eligibility to register for Sasta Petrol, Sasta Diesel scheme. For this purpose, you may follow one of the two given methods; 

Via 786 web portal

Visit the Ehsaas 786 program online check portal and enter your active mobile number and valid 13-digit CNIC number in the corresponding boxes. Press the submit button after which you’ll receive a message confirming your eligibility. 

Via 786 sms service

Open your inbox and navigate to the new sms box. Type your 13-digit CNIC number and send the text to the 786 sms code. Resultantly, you’ll receive a reply from 786 confirming your eligibility status. Usually, the confirmation message is delivered within a few hours but if you haven’t received a response from the 786 code, please keep waiting. 

The reason for the delay is that all the requests are first verified by NADRA after which an applicant’s eligibility is considered. And since the corresponding authorities receive millions of requests a day, they need some time to check through all the applications and queue their name in the response list. 

Another thing that is pertinent to mention here is that all those families who have not participated in the NSER survey won’t be considered eligible – even if they meet all the other eligibility requirements. Therefore, it’s advised to visit your nearest NSER center or BISP registration center before applying for the ehsaas 786 program.

Subsidy collection

There are three ways by which subsidy on petrol is delivered to beneficiaries as follows;

1. In the Form of Cash

If you are declared eligible for the prime minister scheme, your name and CNIC will be automatically registered and you’ll be able to receive your 2000 rupees subsidy from the nearby bank. The residents of Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan will be able to receive their 2000 rupees from Habib Bank whereas people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan can withdraw their cash aid from Bank Alfalah. 

2. In the Form of Code

In some other instances, people are provided with a secret code that they need to show at petrol pumps to get petrol at subsidized rates. However, only 1-2 liters of petrol is provided at subsidized rates, at a time, to beneficiaries. 

3. In the Form of a Card

The new government of PMLN is planning to launch a card-based system to deliver subsidies. The objective behind this reform is to make the whole process even more transparent. The plan is to issue cards to the eligible beneficiaries who meet the eligibility criteria perfectly. Those beneficiaries could, then, show their cards at the designated petrol stations to purchase fuel at discounted rates. 

However, the card will be bound to a specific beneficiary’s CNIC number and couldn’t be exchanged or transferred. Also, the government is thinking about increasing the monthly fuel consumption limit and now, cardholders would be able to buy up to 50 liters of gasoline per month. 

To facilitate cardholders further, the corresponding scheme portal will provide the Ehsaas 786 program online check service through which citizens will be able to track the exact locations of designated petrol stations. Also, they can check the availability of subsidized petrol at these stations. To enjoy this service, beneficiaries first have to visit the web portal and enter their exact location. 

Resultantly, a complete list of designated fuel stations, located in your vicinity, will be displayed, along with the subsidized petrol availability.